Only Professionals
Middlemen is an independent company. Our Consultants are all registered at the "Camera di Commercio" in Milan (The Italian Government Institution for Real Estate) as "Lincenced Real Estate Agent".

All over Milan
We are proud experts in the entire city market, not just of a single neighborhood. We in fact develop the activity in mediation of properties throughout the entire Milan area.

New Develompents (click here for our new condos)
The company deals with feasibility studies, marketing, promotion (advertising and graphics) and sales of new developments.

Forms Verification
The entire documentation necessary for the success of the sale is sought and checked before the closing.

Top Property Value
The exclusive assignment guarantees maximum value assessment of the property, protection of its image and a fully available consultant for every need.

The different advertising channels allow a response to both modern technological requirements and traditional communication. Everything will be agreed beforehand with the customer according to the wished target.

Value Assessments and Sworn Appraisals
Our Estimate Experts are fully available to our customers. Whether you want to know the real value of a property or you need a survey of real estate assets.

Full Assistance
Professionalism at all stages, from the assessment of the market price to the reaching of potential buyers and the signing of the closing.


Our society presents its forms (deposited at the Chamber of Commerce of Milan) and confirms the reliability and professional relationship to its customers.